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Here is a link to Bill Grumbine's site where he walks us through turning a natural edge bowl:

Mike Fuson of Siler Kentucky was also kind enough to let me use his natural edge bowl turning tutorial on our site.  Here is his tutorial:

Someone...asked me quite a long time ago how I went about doing a natural edge bowl. I roughed out four big maple ones today and took the time to take a few pics. I'm not saying this is the right way to do it just the way I do it.  After finding the center of the piece and making a flat spot , I screw the face plate on (you can also drill a 2.5" hole and mount it in expansion mode with a chuck). With a homemade compass and a sharpie I mark the corners and cut them off.

compass.jpg (123404 bytes)

onefaceplate.jpg (111185 bytes)

I like to use the tailstock for some added support until I get it in round

onetailstock.jpg (115365 bytes)

Once I have the shape and the tenon cut, I make a little hole in the center of the tenon and one in the inside center too. This will be used to mount it between centers after the drying process to true up the tenon.

onebottomroughed.jpg (117460 bytes)

The piece is reversed and mounted in a 4-jaw chuck.  The inside is now roughed out...

oneinsideroughed.jpg (128879 bytes)

now ready to go into the dna with the other three

oneontable.jpg (123558 bytes)