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We typically meet every second Saturday of the month at 10:00AM in Adrian, Michigan.  If you are interested in joining us, please feel free to stop by Christ Episcopal Church during our meeting time (see the address and map link below).                 


Our October 8th meeting will feature a surprise demo.  

Our President's Challenge will be a  turned pumpkin piece.


Current Meeting Location
Christ Episcopal Church (near Bixby Hospital)
720 Riverside Ave
Adrian, MI  49221
Click Here to View The Map of Our Meeting Location



Previous meeting info and pictures:


October 2017 ()

September 2017 ("Spindle Turning" - Alfred Schematic)

August 2017 ("Forms in Clay" - Pi)

July 2017 ("From Log to Bowl + Sharpening" - Lynn Southward)

June 2017 ("Lapidary Work" - Cletus Brooks)

May 2017 ("Bowl Turning" - Roger Meeker)

April 2017 ("Creating Carved and Sculpted Pieces" - Betty Scarpino)

March 2017 ("Large Segmented Pieces" - Mitch Mattis)

February 2017 ("Segmented Miniatures" - Jim Nickless)

January 2017 ("Finishing the Bottom" - Bob Seeburger and Lynn Southward)

December 2016 ("Spring Pole Lathe" - Scott Solsburg)

November 2016 ("Christmas Ornaments" - Bob Seeburger)

October 2016 ("Flag Bases and Whistles" - Jim Nickless)

September 2016 ("Carving to Accentuate Turning" - Jerry Chatfield and Lynn S)           

August 2016 ("Diamonds and Triangle Bowls" - Lynn Southward)

July 2016 ("Hollow Forms with Patinated silver Leaf" - Tom Jones)

June 2016 ("Tips, Tricks and Jigs" - misc people)

May 2016 ("Natural Edge" - Bob Daily)

April 2016 ("Carving" - Bob S, Ted W and Lynn S)

March 2016 ("Embellishments" - Erik Blom, Craig Demlow, and Bob Seeburger)

February 2016 ("Scroll Saw" - Rick Kimling)

January 2016 ("Miniatures" - Scott Solsburg)

December 2015 ("Snowman Ornaments" - Bob Seeburger)

November 2015 ("Copper Dippers" - Norm Beal)

October 2015 ("Christmas Ornaments" - Ron Olin)

September 2015 ("Pulls" - Lynn Southward)

August 2015 ("Platter Turning and Dye Finishing" - Thomas Olechiw)

July 2015 ("Segmented Basics" - Jim Nickless and Bob Seeburger)

June 2015 ("Carved Turnings" - Erik Blom)

May 2015 ("Lidded boxes" - Scott Solsburg)

April 2015 ("Sharpening" - Gary Ernst)



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