The last meeting of the MIOH Woodturners was held on Saturday, March 12th we had 25 members in attendance. Ron Olin reported that we had $1,889.38 in the treasury. Al Goldstein brought last batch of LED light from the Ikea store to the meeting. Not all were picked up, so some members that may not have made it the last meeting may have requested some. They’ll be available at the next meeting. Our challenge was to make something with an inlay and the winners were Wayne Miller and Jim Nickless. The demo was presented by three club members. Next month’s challenge will be to turn a “Pimped” out bird house. The idea is to make more than a utilitarian house. When making it use some of the embellishment techniques we’ve have demonstrated over the last year or so. We working on the demo and I’ll let you know soon. An added item that few of us know about is the Cletus Brook has a lumber mill and lots of wood for sail. He’s located in Onsted and can be reached at 517-438-6471 or He has both flat and turning stock and it is dry.

Eric Blom demonstrated decorating with oxidizing paints to create metallic patinas, Craig Demlow gave a demonstration of how to inlay wire and other metal inlays to turning and flat stock, Bob Seeberger demonstrated the Sorby texturing tool and its proper usage in creating spirals. Thanks to all. A very interesting demo.