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Our June 10th meeting was attended by 25. The presidentís challenge for our June was to turn a platter. Gift certificates were given to Dennis Sisung for First Place and Denny Demuth for Second Place in the Novice category. Ted Wilkins and Das Madhavan were the winners in the Advanced category

We raffled off a dyed egg that Betty Scarpino made and donated to the club. The winner was Marian Timmerman.

Cletus Brooks did a demonstration on his lapidary work. It was very interesting and informative. By the way, on Sunday June 11, Cletus was on the front page of the Adrian Daily Telegram. The article was on the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service and he is the local coordinator. Here's a link to the article http://www.lenconnect.com/news/20170611/amateurs-keep-communication-going-during-emergencies

The President's challenge for the June meeting will be a turning with a non-wood inlay

You'll have the perfect chance to benefit from the collective know-how, innovation, and creative passion of turners from around the globe at AAW's 31st International Symposium, in Kansas City, Missouri, June 22-25, 2017.

The Mid Atlantic Woodturners Symposium is October 28 & 29 in Lancaster PA. Here is a link to their website: www.mawts.com

The Ohio Valley Woodturners Guild Symposium will be October 13-15 at Higher Ground Conference Center in West Harrison, In. Because we have advertised this event, we have been given one free registration. We will have a drawing from the list of interested peopl. I sent an email asking who might be interested in attending. To date I have only received responses from 3 people who are interested. Please let me know asap.

You still have until June 30th to take advantage of the AAW incentive program for new members. During an exclusive sign up period from April 1 to June 30, new members can get their first year at the reduced rate of $30. Go to this site to get that rate: http://tiny.cc/AAWNewGen

Thanks to all who made flag bases. I donít have a final count but there were a lot brought in at the last meeting.

Our July meeting will be on July 8. The demonstration will be Ďfrom log to bowlí, showing the steps to turning a basic bowl from start to finish including sharpening of bowl gouges and associated bowl tools. Will have a wolverine jig set up. If you have tools you need help sharpening, bring them to the meeting.

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Click Here to View The Map of Our Meeting Location


The pictures below show some of the items brought in for the monthly President's Challenge and show-and-tell.  Thanks to all of those that brought in items for the President's Challenge, show and tell, and those that brought in flag bases for our veterans.  Donít forget to bring your show and tell items. Itís always good to see what others are doing. 

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Jim Nickless was kind enough to put together a list of available resources for our club library.  Here is a link to Jim's list:  Library List


We are starting a mentoring program for our membership.  If you are willing to help by fielding questions, please get in touch with any of the club officers. 

Don't forget about our special challenge of turning wooden flag holders for our veterans at the Ann Arbor VA hospital.  All bases should have a 3/16" hole to accept the flag.  Lloyd Niederriter brought this need to our attention.  He is shown below holding one of the holders made by our members even though Jim Nickless is now heading the program.  

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