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The last meeting of the MIOH Woodturners was held last Saturday January 9th. Wayne Miller was our guest and is now a new member. Welcome Wayne. Ron Olin reported we currently have $2420.54 in our Treasury. Craig Demlow reported the Toys for Tots Drive brought in several items and the response was greater than last year. The item were well received. The Challenge was to turn a Valentines gift and Henry Timmerman was our Novice winner and Dennis Sisung our intermediate winner. Again lots of interesting items were brought in for the show. Keep bringing them to the meeting. Everyone likes to see these things. For break time, Rick Kimling brought home made chocolate chip cookies. They were some of the best Iíve had and everyone else must have agreed because the all went. Scott Solsburg presented the demo on miniature turning which include some of his specialized tool making and sanding techniques for these small objects. It was a great demo. Thanks Scott. Next Monthís demo will presented by Rick Kimling. He is going to bring in his scroll saw and demonstrate how he makes his intricate decorative items. Heíll be making an decorative insert for a Potpourri bowl, the making of which will be including (in part) in the demo. The challenge for next month will be to make miniature turning. We had a similar challenge not too long ago, so this one will increase the size to any item 3 x 3 or smaller. Scott bring in his Ikea $10 led light for his demo. There was quite a bit of interest so we took request and Al Goldstein volunteer to purchase them from the Ikea store in Ann Arbor. (Already done). He was getting a couple extra in case someone wants one that didnít make the meeting. See you next Month. In the meantime, turn some wood into something interesting. 


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The President's Challenge for the February 13th meeting will be a turned miniature that will fit in a 3x3x3 box. Rick Kimling will give a scroll saw demo. 


The next meeting will be on February 13th at 10:00AM at the Christ Episcopal Church.  Hopefully we will see you there!   Click Here to View The Map of Our New Meeting Location


The pictures below show some of the items brought in for the monthly President's Challenge and show-and-tell.  Congratulations to President's Challenge winners Henri Timmermann-Novice, Dennis Sisung -Intermediate and             -Advanced!   As always, thanks to all of those that brought in items for the President's Challenge, show and tell, and those that brought in flag bases for our veterans.  Donít forget to bring your show and tell items. Itís always good to see what others are doing.

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Jim Nickless was kind enough to put together a list of available resources for our club library.  Here is a link to Jim's list:  Library List


We are starting a mentoring program for our membership.  If you are willing to help by fielding questions, please get in touch with any of the club officers. 

Don't forget about our special challenge of turning wooden flag holders for our veterans at the Ann Arbor VA hospital.  All bases should have a 3/16" hole to accept the flag.  Lloyd Niederriter brought this need to our attention.  He is shown below holding one of the holders made by our members even though Jim Nickless is now heading the program.  

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