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The last meeting of the MIOH Woodturners was held last Saturday the 12th. We had 26 members in attendance. We had lots of items brought in for the “Toys for Tots” toy drive. Buckets of block, tops, cars, spinners and a few other items. The Challenge was a “Toys for Tots” toy and the winners were. Rick Kimling in Novice, Dennis Sisung in Intermediate, and Jim Nickless in advanced. The “Show and Tell” table also had a lot of unique items also, with several of the to become Christmas presents. The raffle for the Tom Olechiw platter was won by Rick Kimling. A thank you to Len Coleman for the Snacks. Good job. Enjoyed by all. Lynn Southward asked if anyone would like to take over the job of Program director and Ted Wilkins would like to step down from the Secretary position if we can find anyone that would like to take over the position. Please keep this in mind and let me know if you would be interested in helping with either. Next month’s meeting will be held at the Christ Episcopal Church on Jan 9th at 10:00. The challenge will be to make a Valentines gift and the demo will be by Scott Solsburg on Miniatures. Scott makes a lot of his own tools for turning these small items and I’m sure the knowledge on how to make your own will be part of the demo. See you then. Have a Merry Christmas and stay safe. 


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Toys for Tots Pictures

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The challenge for the January 9th meeting will be a turned gift for Valentine's Day.

Scott Solsburg will give a miniatures demo.  


The next meeting will be on January 9th at 10:00AM at the Christ Episcopal Church.  Hopefully we will see you there!   Click Here to View The Map of Our New Meeting Location


The pictures below show some of the items brought in for the monthly President's Challenge and show-and-tell.  Congratulations to President's Challenge winners Rick Kimling-Novice, Dennis Sisung -Intermediate and Jim Nickless-Advanced!   As always, thanks to all of those that brought in items for the President's Challenge, show and tell, and those that brought in flag bases for our veterans.  Don’t forget to bring your show and tell items. It’s always good to see what others are doing.

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Jim Nickless was kind enough to put together a list of available resources for our club library.  Here is a link to Jim's list:  Library List


We are starting a mentoring program for our membership.  If you are willing to help by fielding questions, please get in touch with any of the club officers. 

Don't forget about our special challenge of turning wooden flag holders for our veterans at the Ann Arbor VA hospital.  All bases should have a 3/16" hole to accept the flag.  Lloyd Niederriter brought this need to our attention.  He is shown below holding one of the holders made by our members even though Jim Nickless is now heading the program.  

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