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Here are a few ideas for the "Toys for Tots" program.


These links shows some of the items brought in for the 2007/2008 Toys for Tots program sponsored by the Marines:

Here are some toys ideas: 

Count and Stack Toy   

Hand Caster Fishing Pole  


Old Car

Here are some patterns Ted was kind enough to provide:

  Color Wheel 1.jpg (232606 bytes)  Color Wheel.jpg (800465 bytes)

  Indian Ring Toss.jpg (534679 bytes)  Indian Ring Toss 001.jpg (491001 bytes)

  Top.jpg (685372 bytes)  Top 001.jpg (683696 bytes)


   Whimmy Diddle 001.jpg (617808 bytes)   Whimmy Diddle.jpg (789662 bytes)


Here are some more ideas: